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Do the bankruptcy rates of pro athletes and lottery winners show poverty is about more than lack of money?

What happens to many athletes and their money is indeed hard to believe. In this month alone Saints alltime leading rusher Deuce McAllister filed for bankruptcy protection for the Jackson, Miss.



Do financial advisors practice what they preach?

s an underreported corollary for financial advisors. ve found a winner. just look for a low-cost fund where the committed manager &mdash.

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Record-breaking $100M up for grabs in Lotto Max
Record-breaking $100M up for grabs in Lotto Max “If you look at the stats, winning the lottery could be one of the worst things that ever happens to you as an individual,” financial planner Peter Merrick told CTV News Channel Friday. “No one in your family and none of your social network can deal

Record-Setting Powerball Winner Yet To Claim Prize
Record-Setting Powerball Winner Yet To Claim Prize 18 – were bought at a Hy-Vee store in the eastern Iowa city, the second largest in the state. Iowa lottery officials on Thursday urged the winner to keep the ticket in a safe place and to consult a financial adviser before coming forward to claim

Iowa Quaker Oats Workers Get $241 Million Powerball Jackpot
Iowa Quaker Oats Workers Get $241 Million Powerball Jackpot After the drawing, Iowa lottery officials urged the winners to keep the ticket in a safe place and to consult a financial adviser before coming forward to claim the jackpot. "This truly is a life-changing amount of money and we want our winners to have

Too Much, Too Soon: How to Avoid Sudden Wealth Syndrome
As with any life change, a sudden shift in financial status can be traumatic. It strikes lottery winners, first-round NBA draft picks, and overnight IPO millionaires alike. Sudden Wealth Syndrome is a term coined by psychologist Stephen Goldbart to

Understanding your client
Understanding your client This may not be such an attractive market if the client is unwilling to pay a fee of £750 per transfer, a sum quoted to me by my financial adviser. Similarly regular savings plans may have offered economic markets in the past, but in the future are

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LIFESTYLES A. In 1982 Curtis Sharp won millions in the New York lottery and became an overnight celebrity. But money mismanagement and lack of financial planning caused him to lose his fortune. However, Sharp says he's fortunate for his ...

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10TTERY WINNERS continued sharing the lottery fortune if they disclose the location of her new home or talk to the news ... say they receive general advice from the lottery agency, which includes finding an attorney and financial advisor.

Financial Planning Handbook Financial Planning Handbook

Most lottery winners are not mentally ready for their sudden wealth. That is usually detrimental to their newfound wealth, as most of them lose their financial wealth within a few years. Nobody can keep something, be it financial or otherwise, ...

Kiplinger's Personal Finance
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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

A lottery winner who earned $75,000 of taxable income before the lottery payout would forfeit about 37% of a $500,000 ... wife, Elaine, met with lawyers and financial advisers as often as three times a week in the months following their big win.

Raising Up a Testimony
258 pages
Raising Up a Testimony

The fact is that lottery winners develop a bunch of worries very quickly. ... Indeed, an entire industry has sprung up to buy future payouts at a discount from Winners so they can pay off the ... are preyed on by unscrupulous "financial advisors.

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